Which power supplies/regulators to buy?

I’m putting together an order for a 12V linear actuator and a Jrk 21v3 motor controller for it.

I need to determine the power supply for the Jrk. I would like to look ahead, though, when there will be two such controllers and actuators, and buy one power supply good for both together.

One actuator, mounted vertically, will support about 10 pounds. The acceleration will contribute only a few ounces to the force required, so say about 10 pounds total. The other actuator, mounted horizontally, will only need to push with a force of about 1 pound.

The actuators are each said to use half an amp at 12V. Of the dozen or so power supplies that you sell, which would work? Would a 12V, 1A wall power adapter work?

Also, does the feedback potentiometer, which is supposed to be hooked up to 5V, require it’s own power supply? This needs to be a steady, constant 5V.


A 1A power adapter would likely be underpowered for two linear actuators. I recommend you at least go with a 3A adapter, and enable the jrk’s acceleration-limiting feature to keep inrush current down.

The feedback pot on the linear actuator is just a voltage divider, so yes, it needs its own steady logic-level supply. However, the jrk can supply 5V to power the feedback pot, so you don’t need to add another power supply to your system. Have you seen our instructions for using the jrk 21v3 to control one of these actuators at the bottom of our linear actuator pages?

- Ben


Thanks. The link to the #1467 3A adapter is:

Sorry for the broken links. I corrected them in my previous post.

- Ben