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Which materials available for LASER are food safe?

Which of the materials available for 2-D lasering is food safe?
I would clean the lasered parts really very well when arrived.

Transparent acrylic/plexiglas?
Stainless steel?
Spring steel?
Which foams and clothes?
Any others?



Thank you for your interest in our laser cutting.

We have heard of “food grade plastic” but we don’t know anything about it and we do not stock it. You might try contacting plastics suppliers such as


or possibly


We typically leave the paper masking on the plastics we cut (normally acrylic comes with paper masking on both sides), but we don’t follow any official processes for keeping parts clean for use with food.

I’m sorry we don’t have much information for you; if you figure something out we’d love to hear an update, and we’d be happy to try cutting any food-safe materials you find as long as they do not contain chlorine.

Best of luck!

- Candice

Makrolon has an FDA approved plastic sheeting material however it is polycarbonate so I’m not sure it would work for your application. http://www.acplasticsinc.com/categories/fda-approved-polycarbonate