Which geared DC motor & motor contoller for gyroscope app?


I’m a visual artist working on a project for which I’ll need 2 Geared DC Motors (assembled) & 2 Motor Controllers.

The Geared DC Motors will provide the power to turn the outermost gimbal of 2 gyroscopes.

The Motor Controllers will in turn be attached to the respective motors, thus allowing me to control the speed at which each gyroscope turns.

The diameter of the outermost gimbal of each gyroscope is 6 inches. Each gyroscope consists of 4 gimbals and are constructed of lightweight Basswood. The width of each gimbal is 1/2 inch. So the motors would have to be able to take some kind of load, however minimal.

I think I’d prefer a motor with a maximum rpm of up to 170 or somewhere close to this.

Which Geared DC Motor & Motor Controller would you recommend for the application described above given the specs indicated?

Please let me know if you require additional info. Thanks for time and consideration.


I’m having a hard time following your description, or maybe you’re not providing enough information. The 170 RPM part is easy to understand, so you should probably look at our gearmotors that can do a bit more (since that is a no-load speed). Since you’re saying the load is minimal, you could probably go with one of our micro metal gearmotors (maybe the 50:1 or 100:1 HP); if that turns out to be too weak, you could go to a bigger motor.

- Jan

If your two gyroscopes are always next to one another, you might be able to use a two-channel motor controller and only buy one.

- Ryan