Where's the reset button on a LPY510AL gyro?


I really need it since it seemed to stop working after I hooked the +Z out to a +5V output pin on my ATTiny25.

Seriously, did I just trash my gyro? It’s a new setup and I’m still sorting it out.



Unfortunately, it sounds like you broke the gyro. Shorting IC output pins to power can easily destroy them. Does the other channel still work?

- Ryan

Ryan, thanks for the reply. Sorry about the answer.

No. I get noise out of either channel.

Any idea when they’ll be back in stock? My customer, who’s 12, is waiting. :slight_smile:


We wouldn’t want to disappoint your young customer! We should have them back in stock in 1 to 3 days. You can backorder them from our website, and they should ship as soon as we have them available.

- Ryan

1-3 days is great. Just ordered two. Doesn’t seem to be anything else that’s “just right”. (You’ve probably heard that before. :slight_smile:

Just for grins:

  1. Is it just the IC that got damaged (best hunch)?

  2. Is it even feasible for a first-timer to try to un/re-solder the SMD IC?

Thanks again

  1. Probably, but there is also a voltage regulator on there that might have gotten damaged.
  2. Those LGA parts from ST are pretty tricky to solder. We’ve noticed that it is really easy to break the pad off the package. Even if you wanted to try, the quantity 1 pricing from Mouser is $7.00. Probably not worth the hassle and risk for you.

- Ryan