Where to find shaft couplers for D-Shaped Shafts?

I need to attach a cylindrical rod to the 3 mm-diameter D-shaped output shaft on the 210:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor HP motor (part #996). Does anyone know where I can find a shaft coupler which will attach to the D-Shaped motor shaft?


Perhaps you could use our 3mm universal hubs?

- Ryan

I saw those but couldn’t figure out how to attach a rod to the centre. Is that possible?

It depends on how well you want to hold it in place. You could use two hubs connected to one another as a coupler where one set screw sets the motor’s output shaft and the other sets the rod. If you cut a notch into your rod, that could help too. Also, you can just search for 3mm coupler, there are other options out there!

- Ryan

Thanks Ryan! I have been Googling for something like this but I was using ‘d-shaped shaft coupler’ and wasn’t successful.