Where i can find :XYZ_Motor_Editor_Driver.ino

Hello everybody
I have just receive 5 XYZ smart servo,
i would like configure them with the motor editor app on mac
but i need to find the XYZ_Motor_Editor_Driver.ino
thank you for your support
Alain Haerri

Hello, Alain.

I moved your post to the “Servo controllers and servos” section of our forum since it is more appropriate. You can find XYZrobot’s information and resources on their information page for the A1-16 smart servo. To find the additional downloads such as the Arduino files for their software, you will need to go their support page (linked at the bottom of the information page), which requires you to create a free account to access.


Hi! How to go to support page? Its always redirect to account settings(((((

Hello, 4elovek.

As I mentioned in my previous post, that page requires a free account for access. It sounds like you have not created an account (or you are not signed in to it); the link should work once you have created an account and signed in.


I registered and logged in already. It looks like after rebranding xyzrobot links are broken. I don`t know where can I get drivers for servo and robot…

It looks like you are right; things probably got moved around while they were rebranding. You might try contacting them at New Era AI Robotics to see if they can point you in the right direction.


I tried “Leave a message” form, but network query to server returns “Not sent”, but in form i saw “successfully sent” or something like this. I tried direct email and facebook, but I guess they are not interested in robots anymore. So if they will do rebranding again I guess we won`t use their printers too))) Maybe someone has this files on pc and will help me)