Where do I connect the jumper in the Orangutan?


Where do I connect the jumper on the orangutan so that all power on the ports will use Vcc and not battery power?
and dose that affects the lcd or push buttons?
AND can the orangutan activate servos in the same way as the baby O?

The Orangutan has a lot of the same hardware, you could think of it as a Baby O with a screen, buzzer, and pushbuttons added on. It still has plenty of free I/O lines so it can run a servo just fine.

The left four ports on the output header are always connected to VCC. To connect the rest of the ports you will need to connect the two sets of header pads in the yellow circles:

One nice way to do this is to solder two sets of three header pins to the pads, and use a jumper to make the power connection, like so:

In this picture, all the ports are connected to VCC, but you can connect the right four or middle four ports to VBat by moving their respective jumpers to the right.

Your power selection will have no effect on the other hardware on the Orangutan. The LCD and pushbuttons share I/O lines with each other, but neither are on any of the lines brought out to the header.