Where can I find a C command ref for the BabyO?

I am trying to convert some Arduino code that uses some math functions like absolute value and Logarithms and can’t find any documentation for the syntax for the babyO controller. The Pololu AVR Library Command Reference is just for the library. Can anyone point me to a general BabyO C language command reference?



The Baby Orangutan uses the same microcontroller and compiler as the Arduino, so the math functions you are trying to port might just work on the Baby Orangutan. The Baby Orangutan is programmed in something close to standard C (specifially, the AVR Libc package included with the WinAVR download provides a subset of the standard C library for Atmel’s 8-bit AVR microcontrollers), and you can access standard C math functions by including math.h in your program. You can find more information about AVR Libc here:


Note that the Arduino uses AVR Libc at its core, too, but it puts an extra layer of C code on top to give you things like setup(), loop(), digitalWrite(), etc.

- Ben

That is what I was looking for! I had forgotten to include the math.h as well.
Thanks Ben!