When dividing QTR 8A into 2 modules

hey all,
i have a real problem right now.
I am using the QTR 8A sensors as one module and i have successfully calibrated it and had been able to read white and black colors very well.
But i needed to divide into 2 modules.I have divided it as the data sheet said but when connecting the 6 sensors only (after dividing it) it can be calibrated and it starts to overheat.
Why does this happen ? is there any solution ?
please i need help.
Thank you

ya i had this problem once and didn’t know what was wrong with the array :confused:


We are not aware of any overheating issue with our QTR sensor arrays. Could you post pictures of the board, including a close-up of the edge where you split it apart? Where is the board getting hot? Does it still function? What is the current draw when the board is getting hot?


Here you are
i hope you help me
i really need your help
best regards


I appreciate the pictures, but can you also answer the questions Brandon asked you? Do you have the ability to show the area where you cut the board in more detail (e.g. do you have access to a better camera or does your current camera have a macro mode you can try)?

- Ben