Wheels for 5 mm Stepper Motor

Hi, Was looking at your #3690 multi-hub wheels because I have motors with shafts of several sizes, but I don’t see any combination of adapters that would make these work with the 5mm D shafts on most of your stepper motors. The “universal” 4 hole adapters seem to be the wrong size.

Just to confirm I’m getting it right…

The 3690 wheels won’t work with any of your 5mm shaft adapters?

The 1431 or 1436 wheels will work with the 1203 5mm universal shaft adaptor or any of the other universal adaptors?



Unfortunately, we do not yet have any inserts for the #3690 multi-hub wheels that would work with 5mm shafts, but they are in the works, so we might have them available late this year or early next year.

Yes, the #1431 and #1436 wheels work with the #1203 hubs (along with all of our other universal mounting hubs).


And the 3690 wheels only work with the universal mounting hubs for 6mm shafts and up, right?

I think I’m just going to order a set of each anyway, I need some good wheels!


Yes, though for the sake of anyone else reading this thread, it is worth stating here that the #3690 wheels will work with 3mm and 4mm shafts without an additional mounting hub.