Wheel for 6mm hub

Do you have a wheel for your 6mm hub?


We don’t have anything specifically compatible right now, but there are some beautiful (in my biased view) new wheels that we should have in about two weeks. They’ll be narrow and 80 and 90 mm in diameter. The hubs are intended to be general-purpose, though, so you could drill holes matching the hub in some general wheels from a hardware store or hobby store if you need something sooner or if those wheels don’t fit your application.

- Jan

Do the 80mm wheels will fit the 6mm hubs? If yes then I will get them, for the meantime I will order the bracket and hubs.

Here is a picture of a prototype. The wheel is meant to press-fit onto our 3mm shafts, but we have holes for screwing the wheel onto our hubs for larger shaft sizes.

- Jan