Wheel encoder questions

Hi,I have one wheel encode 42mm*19mm and I want to use it to calculate my car displacement and turn 90 degrees with arduino uno.
But I don’t know which encoder library should I use :libpololu-avr or libpololu-arduino or Encoder from
pjrc.com/teensy/td_libs_Encoder.html. And I found the examples in Encoder is processing enviroment , can it still compile by arduino IDE?

Assume a encoder’s pinA & pinB all connect to the interrupt pins ,dose “a resolution of 48 counts per wheel rotation” means 11 10 00 01 for one tooth? thanks.


Since you are using an Arduino Uno, you can probably just use one of the Arduino encoder libraries to keep track of encoder counts.

As for your last question, the 48 counts per wheel rotation accounts for the rising and falling edges of both encoder outputs. Since the encoders are spaced 90 degrees out of phase, their waveforms could be encoded in the pattern you described for a single tooth passing over the encoders.


Thanks for you reply. I will try.
But dont the three libs I mention can work for uno?

Yes, you should be able to use any of those libraries with an Arduino Uno, though the libpololu-avr library would probably be difficult.