Wheel Encoder Generator - need testers

I’ve been working on a cross-platform, java-based wheel encoder generator that I want to make available free, open source.

It’s pretty quick and easy to use, at least I think so, and hopefully will help DIYers build their own encoder systems.

Wondering if anyone might want to get an early copy and help me beta test it?

Here’s a screen shot:

It does absolute and incremental encoders. Absolute gray code or binary with up to 4096 positions (12-bit/track). Incremental with or without index track and quadrature track (resolution up to 3600 black stripes so I guess that works out to 0.05°). Easily adjustable inner and outer diameters. You can save/load configurations, print, and export to image.

Behaves fairly natively on OS X and Windows both. Should run on anything with a 1.6 JRE.

More here: bot-thoughts.com/2010/10/whe … anted.html