Whats the maximum output current for the FSLP at 1V?

So, I’m wondering whether or not I need a current limiter resistor for the ADC of an FPGA, therefore, I would like to know whats the maximum output current this sensor (https://www.pololu.com/product/2730) gives at 1V ?


The Force-Sensing Linear Potentiometer (FSLP) does not output current directly; FSLP are like variable resistors which depend on the applied pressure. When the force increases, the resistance increases. It might be helpful for you to read this blog post on FSLP and FSR (force-sensing resistors) and look at the connection diagram under the “Description” tab on its product page. For more details and step-by-step instructions on how to measure position and pressure, see the “FSLP integration guide”, which also can be found on its product page under the “Using the sensor” section.

- Amanda