What software to program with?

I’ve decided to mess around with the xDrip wixel project and was wondering what sort of IDE there was out there for the wixel if any. I ran across a thread that mentioned AVR studio. Would that allow me to program the wixel, see the data the wixel is capturing, and debug? I’m new to this so any information would help out. Also, if there is a free suitable substitute out there I’d prefer that.

Everything you need is free for the downloading, and is quite completely described here: pololu.com/product/1336/resources

For Windows you will need the Windows drivers and software bundle, and the Wixel development bundle.

Thank you for the link but what I was getting at was more of an IDE. I already have all these separate resources (except using sublime text 2 instead of notepad ++). The EAGLE library is something I haven’t seen before though. What does that involve? Is it just a break down of the Wixel board?

The development bundle is an IDE, using Eclipse.

So are all these broken TI links to documentation meaning that they no longer have them? Or are they just hidden away somewhere. Specifically refering to RF protocol packet sniffer and the PDF found at the top of ti.com/product/CC2511 where I’m trying to see the detailed info for the CC2511.


I am not sure which other links on that page you were having problems with, or if you are still having problems with them, but the RF Protocol Packet Sniffer download from the “Tools & software” tab of the TI product page for the CC2511 seems to be working now. If you continue having problems, you might try using a different browser.