What sensor can attach to Micro Maestro & set off servos?


I am a complete newbie to this, I have searched forums and google but can’t find the answer to my query so apologies if reposting something… I have tried to find out!

I have just brought the Micro Maestro 6 channel controller which I have got working with a few servos, that is all fine (pololu.com/catalog/product/1350)

But I wanted to add some kind of sensor to the set up, so when you get within a certain distance of the sensor, it sets off the servos. I was wondering if a) is this possible with the maestro I have and b) what parts do I need to buy and what type of sensor would I need?

It would also be great to know if there is a type of sensor that could control how much the servos moves… i.e. the closer you get to the sensor, the more the servo will move. I have been advised that an Ultrasonic sensor would do this, and have found this one (I am UK based):
hobbytronics.co.uk/srf02-ult … angefinder

But have no idea how to connect any kind of sensor to the Maestro, and what components I would need to do this.

I would greatly appreciate any advice on this as I have spent hours hunting and haven’t found anything that seems relevant…

Many Thanks


The Maestro can use sensor inputs to control servos. However it looks like the sensor you linked to can only communicate through I2C, so it probably would not be able to communicate with the Maestro. You might consider using a Maxbotix sonar range finder or a Sharp analog distance sensor.

Some examples of using analog sensors with the Maestro can be found under “Using an analog input to control servos” in the Example Scripts section of the Pololu Maestro Servo Controller User’s Guide.

- Derrill

Hi Derrill

Many thanks for replying :slight_smile:

If I just wanted to keep it simple for now and just use an on/off motion sensor as a switch that sets the servos off when it detects motion within a certain area or range, what sensor would be suitable?

Would this one work?
Passive Infrared (PIR) Detector SE-10:

Thanks again, very much appreciated


I do not see any reason that sensor should not work. Please note the need for a pull-up resistor; you can find more information about this on sensor’s product page.