What Power do I need for 5x Servos in Maestro Mini

My maestro hasn’t been working. The device is recognised by the PC through the usb connection but I am unsure of the right power supply for the servos.

I have 5 x SG92R Tower Pro Micro Servos. I also have a DC Barrel Jack to 2-Pin Terminal Block Adapter.
Could I use a 5V Charger? or even buy something like this? [Master Plug](https://Masterplug Voltage Adaptor)

I am afraid of not having enough or having too much voltage.

What power would i need whilst also plugged into PC? If I didnt want any power from the PC would I just connect the PWR to VIN pin?


Servos typically have a nominal voltage rating of 4.8-6V, so going a little over that is usually safe, but you should make sure whatever supply you choose can source enough current too. If you know the stall current of your servos, you could add it up to determine what the maximum current draw of your system would be, and choose a supply that can handle at least that. Otherwise, budgeting around 700mA for each of those micro servos is probably a safe estimate (so around 3.5A total).

Please note that this estimate has some safety margin built in; depending on your application, it might be unlikely that all of your servos will be moving at the same time and probably even less likely that they will all stall, so ultimately how much safety margin you want built in is up to you.

If you wanted to also power the Maestro from the same power supply, you could connect it to the Maestro’s VIN pin. In comparison to the servo power, the Maestro’s current draw is very small, but please note that 5V is the Maestro’s minimum operating voltage, so I would generally recommend using at least a 6V supply, otherwise noise on the line might cause the Maestro to brown-out easily.


I have bought the master plug but its 1.2a max. Does this mean it will not work? i can not seem to find the right source of power.

Ultimately, whether the supply will work for you depends on your particular application (e.g. how many servos are activated at a time and what they are doing). You could try the 1.2A supply and see how it works for you. In that case, you should keep an eye out for the system resetting or the servos moving erratically since those are symptoms of an inadequate supply.

If you have issues with that 1.2A power supply, we carry a couple 5V wall power adapters that might work for you:

Unfortunately, we do not carry any 6V adapters like that, but you might be able to find them at on-line retailers like Amazon.