What motor (etc) would I need?

I don’t have any experience with motors etc so I hope you can help. I would like to mount a camera on a boom beneath a seat so that the camera can revolve 360 degrees around the seat at about 5 to 10 rpm. It would be great if it could revolve in both directions. It needs to be battery operated and as light as possible.

The camera is about 0.1kg and the boom 1kg and about 2m long

See below for a diagram of what I have in mind.

thanks for any help or suggestions you can give

Hello, David.

You might find this blog post helpful for figuring out the calculations you will need to find an appropriate motor for your application. Once you have an idea of your requirements, you can use the comparison tables on our site (which you can access by clicking the “Compare all products” link in each category) to help you look for a motor and other components that might fit your needs.

- Kevin