What kind of a connector is it?


I need to replace a power connector (both male and female plugs) but I don’t know what
type of a connector this is. The connector is used to connect a 12V DC power to a
furniture cabinet. The furniture cabinet was manufactured in Europe, if that matters.

Initially, I thought that it was a mini Tamiya connector, because it has the same
dimensions. However it doesn’t seem to be the case, since unlike a Tamiya connector, this
one has a clip on the side.

Does anyone know what type of a connector this is (please see attached pictures for a reference)?



I am not sure what kind of connector that is; it does not look like it matches anything we carry. The closest thing we have is most likely our mini Tamiya plug, which does not have the side clip, as you pointed out.


Thanks Brandon. I’m afraid that this could be some rare, if not proprietary connector.