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What is the screw size pre-threaded in this motor?


What is the screw size pre-threaded in the Micro Metal Gearmotor HP? I have the 1:150 and the 1:250 and I’m assuming they are the same size. I was not able to find it anywhere on the specs and the hole is too small for me to accurately measure. I took it to a hardware shop that specializes in screws and they did not have a screw size this small. I am not familiar with screw size nomenclature so I’m mainly just asking if you sell the screws that fit in these motors and if so, which ones are they?




It sounds like you are referring to the tapped holes on the front face of the micro metal gearmotor’s gearbox. These mounting holes are intended for M1.6 screws (1.6 mm diameter, 0.35 mm thread pitch). They can be difficult to find sometimes, but we do carry M1.6 Phillips-head screws in packs of six.


Thank you for your help! You saved me and my design group a lot of struggling!

I got my M1.6 screws (and drills, and taps) from McMaster at mcmaster.com
A bag is more expensive than a set of six from Pololu, but you get 100 :slight_smile: