What is the part number and name of the sensor regulator in VL53L0X?

I want to know the part number and name of 2.8V LDO regulator in VL53L0X board. Can anybody know, please tell me the details of it?

Thanks in advance…


We do not commit to using a specific part for the LDO on that sensor. Is there a particular specification for it that you are interested in?


I see the number “Rv5bc” on the LDO regulator. I want to know the name and details of the sensor. Because , Based on that we will decide battery and other threshold value to be set for our application.

Power for the carrier can either be applied to VIN and go through the LDO or be applied to VDD and go directly to the VL53L0X sensor. The VL53L0X needs a minimum input voltage of at least 2.6V (as listed in the datasheet for it on the resources tab of its product page). So if you want to power the board through VIN, your supply can range from a few hundred millivolts above that (say 2.9V to be safe) to 5.5V. If you want to power it through VDD, the supply can range from 2.6V to 3.5V.


Thanks for the clarification. But I need specific answer that details of the sensor regulator “Rv5bc” . Can you able to tell me details of the particular regulator?

As I mentioned, we do not commit to using a specific part, so you should not be counting on some specification detail in a datasheet that we might not be committing to. What are the details you are looking for?


Dear mam,
You still not answering what I asked. I understood that you are not committing to specific part of regulator.
What I am expecting is, I saw the number “Rv5bc” named on top of regulator IC in VL53L0x and VL6180X board. So I m asking you whats the name of the regulator and datasheet? That is the specific thing i want.
I hope you understand. Please refer the image of the board in below link

I understand what you are asking, and we do not release the names of the parts we have used.


Ok. Thanks for the right answer