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What is needed to command a RS232 via a WIFI (PC)?

Hello all,

First of all i’m completely newbie about robotics etc.
I’v constructed a tank based chassis (2 motors 7.2V) wich i intend to control via RC and the TReX Dual Motor Controller DMC01.
But i’d like also to be able to control the robot via a PC wireless connection, with a view from a mounted wireless camera.
If i understand correctly, i can use the TRex serial input to override the RC commands.
What would i need to be able to send commands from a (wireless) connection on my pc to the TRex serial interface ?
Also, i have a bit experience in Delphi, a little in C or assembly, does there exists software SDK’s to facilitate the creation of a app in a webbrowser or win32 ?

Thanks in advance for any reply.
I hope i picked the correct topic.


First, if you haven’t bought the TReX yet, you should consider the Simple Motor Controllers. Chaining two of them together can be as good as the TReX, if you do not need the TReX’s AUX motor port. Plus, the simple motor controllers have USB and a really nice configuration/control GUI.

For your wireless connection, you need to decide what kind of connection you want to use. Two common choices are Bluetooth and WiFi. I haven’t used either of these boards, but they are worth looking into:

Another option is to go with one of the 2.4 GHz solutions like XBee. If you go this route, you will have to buy two modules, one for the computer and one for your robot.

- Ryan

Sorry, I didn’t notice this part of your post before. The Simple Motor Controllers do not have the TReX’s ability to switch between RC and serial control on the fly. If that feature is important to you, you would want to go with the TReX.

- Ryan