What do you think about not responding of the sensor after resetting or unplugging enp8266 nodemcu v3?

Hi how are you …i bought a new esp8266 (also I bought logic level shifter and 74125 IC) and built the project from the beginning as the schematics in the beginning it works fine the rgb ring lights up and the sensor responds and performs the interruption function BUT when I reset the esp nodemcu v3 or unplug the replug the usb to pc the sensor didnot respond …do yoou think that because I still didnot connect the logic level shifter or the ic between the ring and the esp ?
note :I connect the shdn pin on the sensor to 3.3v but that part nit in schematics


I am not sure what specific project guide you are referring to, and it does not seem like you are using any of our products based on your connection diagram, so it would probably make more sense for you to solicit help or support from whoever wrote the project guide or the manufacturers of your boards.

- Patrick

How are you mr Patrick…it isnot about the sensor itself…it is about the mechanism or processes that happens by esp when you reset or disconnect power from it based on your experience and its effect on whatever sensor you connect that what I ask for even you can imagine I connect your sensor product instead the one in the schematics

I moved this thread to the electronics discussion category since it seems like a better fit for the type of discussion you are aiming to have.

If you are looking for generic troubleshooting advice, you can find many suggestions on our Support page that I expect to be useful for any electronics system. However, troubleshooting beyond that level depends significantly on your particular system and hardware, which is why we keep suggesting you contact people who should be more familiar with your parts.

- Patrick