Website questions

Greetings Pololu,

Just out of curiosity, why does the
Specials page say “January” Specials?

Also, do you still have a business
relationship with Parallax?
Will any of your future products
support the BASIC Stamp?

And lastly, do you have an e-mail
mailing list, so I could be kept up
to date in regards to any new
product releases or updates?

Sorry about all of the questions,

Thanks! :slight_smile:


The web page was out of date; the “January” part has been removed. In general, we do expect the specials to change monthly.

Parallax has been a distributor of our micro motor controller, and all of our products are compatible with the BASIC Stamp (to some extent). Compatibility with electronics components is somewhat like nail compatibility with wood: you need to provide the hammer, there might be better nails for a particular job, and your results will depend on you skills.

You can sign up for our mailing list on the feedback form on the contact us page.

- Jan