We need help for Internal Interrupts

We’ve a sharp sensor for the line follower project, when the robot see the block it shoud be stop and the programm should be run the interrupts but we haven’t no ideas about pololu 3pi robot programming , expecially use interrupts for 3pi robots.
Thx in advance everyone ( by the way my english is not good for explain my problem)

I connected the AD7 pin for data cable so is that true ?


Which Sharp sensor are you considering using? The ADC7 pin on the 3pi is available to use with an analog sensor (so long as you disconnect the ADC7 shorting block), however the pin does not work with digital I/O and there is no interrupt on that pin. Have you tried programming for the sensor without interrupts? It seems like that should be possible to do.


Oh sounds well , we think same idea “using sensor without interrupts” so. We are considering sharp sensor gp2y0a02yk0f for analog read then I asked my teacher and he said “we can use timer for this application”.
I did what you say i mean i disconnected ADC7 shorting block for use it but we need times example on the sensors especially sharp sensors. I didn’t find anywhere cuz the forum ise very complicated.
Thank for help. :slight_smile: