Water Tight Container Tube For RC Submarine

I am building a water tight container tube with a stainless steel piston tank with bulkheads on each end of the piston tank. The piston tank is Siamesed onto a polycarbonate tube on each end of the piston tank.I will have a brush-less motor,2 linear servos(rudders/elevators),speed control,radio receiver and a battery pack in one polycarbonate tube.The forward polycarbonate tube will house the piston tank motor,control board,second receiver and battery pack.I am using an Ace Nautical Commander radio with a synthesized HiTec Spectra RF transceiver and the receivers will be 8-channel Sombra Labs.How can I use the radio to control this.I don’t want to run external wires outside of the tubes and the piston tank is the same diameter as the 4" diameter polycarbonate tubes ,so no way to run wires to connect from one side of the piston tank to the other side. :question:
Receiver :

Synthesized HiTec RF Transceiver :

Ace Nautical Commander Radio :