Wall wart for Orangutan SVP 1284


I’d like to power my Orangutan SVP 1284 from a wall wart while I play around with programming it.

Assuming I don’t have anything hooked up externally (no motors, servos, sensors, etc.), what current rating would I need on a 9 VDC wall wart to power it?

I’d need enough power to run the processors full out, plus power any of the on-board functions like the LCD, the LEDs, etc.



The board by itself doesn’t draw much current (most of the draw would probably be from the LCD backlight). A few hundred milliamps should be safe.

- Ben

I have been using one similar to the one sold on this site: pololu.com/catalog/product/1641 with my SVP 1284.

Works fine with the on-board peripherals and even works with two micro metal 100:1 HP motors up to about 150 out of 255 using the set_motors function. The wall wart does bottom out if you change motor direction fast or stall them, but in a free running test it works fine.


Great. Thanks for the replies.