Wall follower robot

i want to make a wall following robot that reach to a candle and extinguish it using only digital circuits not avr or arduino
how to start working and what is the recommended sensors


I think it is likely to be a very challenging project to build this robot without using a microcontroller. Unfortunately, I do not know of any resources that might help you.

Good luck with your project! We would love to hear how it turns out.


This could still be interesting. Simple minded robots may not need a complex processor or brain with the extra power requirements and programming required. How about one of these pololu.com/product/1134 might also be able to control relays or motor contollers.
I have seen flame sensors for about $4. It looks like an LED but it’s probably an infrared detector tuned to detect the IR signature of a flame or fire and go low. that would turn on your fan.
I bet other people out there have some other ideas as well.

bro I`ll tell Dr El Habrouk :smiley: :laughing: