Walking bot

Is there a way of controlling 14 servos by rc controller if so what produce would work the best ?
I need to be able to set up multiple sequences
Which I’ll be controlled by a 6 channel rc controller ?
Any advice


There are a few ways you can probably do something like that. For setting up sequences and controlling the servos, you might consider one of our Maestro USB Servo Controllers. You can write a Maestro script that contains the sequences you want (e.g. walk forward, turn right, and so on) in their own subroutines. Then, there are a few options for triggering those subroutines. The Maestro cannot accept hobby servo signals from an RC transmitter as inputs directly, but you could an RC switch with digital output on each of your RC channels to change them into simple digital inputs that the Maestro can use to trigger the subroutines. Note that you would need one Maestro channel for each servo (14) and one for each input (up to 6 from your RC receiver), for a potential total of 20, so the 24-channel Mini Maestro would be the best option in this case.

Alternatively, you could probably use an Arduino to process the inputs and send serial commands to the Maestro that triggers the sequences in the subroutines. If you go with this option, our Maestro Servo Controller library for Arduino can help make the communication easier. Also, since the inputs would not be handled by the Maestro in this setup, you could get away with less channels, so the 18-channel Mini Maestro would work.

By the way, the Sample Project: Simple Hexapod Walker for the Maestro might be a helpful resource for how to go about setting up the sequences; although, it sounds like your walking robot is probably much more complicated.