Walkie Talkie triggered relay help

Hello. I’m an electronics noob. I want to close a circuit using the Pololu Basic SPDT Relay Carrier with 5VDC Relay item #2480 and I’m not sure how to wire it, even after reading the product description. Let me explain what I’m trying to achieve, maybe I have the wrong device:

I have a cable connected to the speaker socket (3.5mm TRS mini jack) of one walkie talkie. Using my volt meter, I measure about 5VDC between the sleeve and tip of the mini jack when the walkie talkie receives a signal from the other handset. My idea is to use that 5V to close the relay and ultimately trigger a camera to fire using the walkie talkie. I’m having trouble figuring out the inputs for the relay. I understand that the relay needs 5V power connected across the VDD GND. When I put either of the wires from my walkie talkie to EN and send a signal to the walkie talkie, the relay does not respond. Does the GND wire from the walkie talkie also have to be connected to the GND on the relay, in addition to the GDN from the 5V power source? I’m very confused. Thanks in advance for your help

No worries. I figured it out!

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Thanks for letting us know you solved the issue!