VPack boost regulator questions

I am thinking about using 4-AAA NiMH 1.2 volt batteries with either the Vpack boost regulator or the NCP 1402 to achieve the desired 5v boost. If I have this right, I will need just a .2 volt jump, with this little gain in voltage, will I get closer to 500 mA on the 200 mA - 500 mA scale listed in the specs?
This is not at all a robotics related project by the way, and my knowledge of electronics is limited, how ever your products seem to be what I have been looking for.

Thank you for your time


I’m not sure where you saw the 200-500mA; the maximum is 200 mA. Also, this is a boost-only regulator; it cannot lower the input voltage. If you have four well-charged cells, the voltage will be around 5.5V, and that is what your circuitry will get unless you have a secondary regulator after the boost one.

It might be better to go with one of our bigger units and just use 3 cells going in. Then you’ll never get over 5V, and you can get 500 mA.

- Jan