Voltage sensor via LCD or even RF

To Pololu Team

Do you guys have a voltage sensor that can hook up to my robot’s battery and transmit an RF signal back to me as to what the current voltage is? maybe you have an all in one sensor, voltage, temperature, ect … I am open to ideas.

please advise


Battery voltage sensing is built in to our Orangutan SV-328 as well as the SVP and 3pi. All it takes is a resistor voltage divider to bring the voltage under 5V and a dedicated analog port on the AVR. You have a Baby Orangutan, right? You could use the same technique to measure the voltage on your controller, then do whatever you want with the information.

Unfortunately, we do not currently sell any RF devices, but we have a variety of LCDs, and most of the Orangutans have a built-in LCD, if that is what you want.



I already have serval baby O’s, if possible i would like to stick with baby O’s.

Your saying I could do this with an anolog port on the baby O and a resistor voltage divider ?
I think PC0 - PC4 are anolog pins on the baby O, how would i out put the information
, what port? would the information be in ASCII form or converted to ASC II? or would the information be numerical.

LCD would be better than nothing, the ultimate would be RF. My robot is outside while i am inside
so it would be hard to monitor an LCD from long distances. but still better than nothing.
Purhaps you can recommend a reasonable RF unit on the market, something that could take this information and transmit and receive on the other end?




Please take a look at our analog functions first, then ask me whether you still have questions. In general, they return numerical values, which you could print to an LCD using our print_long() function, once you get it wired up correctly. But for now, you should probably just try doing something with the LED on the Baby Orangutan - getting an LCD working is a much bigger project!

I do not have any experience with RF links of any kind, but you can probably find something using a google search for something like “RF serial link”.



I found this

extremerc.com.au/estore/inde … cts_id=731

This is not the optimum. but it will work. It would still be better having my own micro processor
like the babyO to it. There are so many more possibilites.

I will study carefully and look into those functions you gave me.

I’ll get back if there is any questions