Voltage Regulator S7V7F5 damaged?

at first please dorry for my bad english :blush:
i bought you 5V Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator S7V7F5 for use in my multicotper. Input voltage is ~10V (3S LiFePo4 battery), at output is flightcontroller and radio reciever - total current consumption is under 200mA. S7V7F5 worked perfect about 5minutes (regulator was cold for all this time), now give about 2.5V and gently heats.
Im sure no shorts, no overload, no mechanical damage. Can i fix this, or i must buy new?

Thanks for any help.
Sorry for my english again :blush:



I wanted to point out that 3S charged LiPO4 would go as high at 10.9V, so you are near the limit. Based on how you described the operation, maybe that was not the problem.

I do not know what is the issue, I though I would mention this. Sorry.

Sounds like best case scenario is there is a short you do not notice, and the 2.5V is foldback regulating a short. But chances are it is dead, based on that you said it is heating.

Actual voltage at my testing battery is 10.04V (just like yesterday). Current consumption of my flight controller and telemetry reciever is under 200mA. I tested the whole circuit for shorts and nothing. Now i temporarily running with DIY regulator (7805R + ceramic capacitors) and this extreme inefficient solution works very well with minimum heating…
New S7V7F5 is on way i want make tests with 2S LiPo (~7.5V).

Again sorry for my bad english :blush:


Hello, Tom.

I am sorry you are having problems with your S7V7F5 regulator. It sounds like the regulator might be damaged. Could you tell me more about your setup? Did anything change in your setup between when it was working and stopped? Could you post pictures of your setup and close-ups of both sides of the board?

- Jeremy

I’m sorry for my late reply. Here are photos of my S7V7F5 (shot through a magnifying glass for better resolution). Wires are unsoldered and they are at new S7V7F5 (new regulator works great :smiley: ).