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Voltage Regulator D24V90F5 Capacitor Replacement?

Hey All. I’ve used the D24V90F5 regulators quite successfully in my robotics work, but have a few that have shown performance degradation over the course of a year or so. When new, they could handle 6-8 amps or so of continuous draw for several hours at a time, but now I get brown outs at over 5 amps. I assume that the electrolytic capacitors are aging? I’ve spent some time looking for replacement capacitors, but as I can’t exactly identify the ones on the board I’m searching a bit blindly. Would you be willing to share the specs of the ones you used? Thanks for a great product. -M

Hi, M.

That would be interesting to test! If you email us, we can send you some capacitors since stock is hard to find right now.


Done! Thank Claire. -M