Voltage of battery holder

Hi, im looking forward to buy a battery holder, but in the specifications of the product it doesn’t says the voltage it provides. I mean, i dont know if all the cells are in parallel or if some are connected in series to obtain a higher voltage supply with the same amount of cells.

Can anyone explain me how do i know the way those cells are arranged?
The issue is that i need a battery holder of 3V or 6V output.
For example: pololu.com/product/1155
The output voltage of that battery holder is 1.5V?


Those battery packs are wired in series, so the output voltage will vary with the battery type you use (e.g. 6 NiMH cells at 1.2V would be about 7.2V, or 6 Alkaline batteries at 1.5V would be about 9V).


Even the back to back battery holders has all their cells in series?

Thank you for the help!

Yes, all of the battery holders we carry are wired in series.