Voltage Conversion from 7.5 V Down to 2.1V

I’m searching for a voltage converter to go from 7.5V to 2.1V for powering an NPM PF25-48W4 tin can stepper.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


I do not have any specific recommendations for a regulator to power that stepper motor from 2.1V; however, you might consider using a current-limiting stepper motor driver like the ones we carry. As long as you configure the current limit so it is equal to or less than the current per phase rating of your stepper motor, you can safely power it from a higher voltage. Using a higher operating voltage can actually be advantageous as it allows the current to ramp up faster, resulting in higher achievable step rates. You can find more information in the first entry under the “FAQs” tab of our stepper motor driver product pages, such as this one.

If you would like more help choosing an appropriate driver, you can post more details about your stepper motor (such as the rated current per phase or a datasheet), and I would be happy to take a look.


Thanks much, Brandon,

I need to study this.