Voltage boundaries with Pushbutton Power Switch LV


I recently began using a design that feeds 3V into a Pololu Pushbutton Power Switch LV. The documentation says that “at low voltages, the switch is difficult to turn on”, and indeed I have a couple of instances where it is “difficult” to turn my projects on. (One won’t turn on at all anymore, and the other requires shorting the board with a screwdriver.)

I’m wondering whether I am encountering the documented problem. Is 3V “low”? The part is rated to 2.5V, so I assumed, possibly incorrectly, that 3V would be “normal” and not “low”.

I’m using the switch so that my Arduino-based project can turn itself completely off. Is this a good application for this switch, or should I seek another solution?


Mikal Hart


I just replied to your email about the same problem. (In general, please at least mention you are doing so when asking the same question in multiple places.) 3V should work for the LV version; are you sure you actually have that voltage at the switch? Also, if the switch is working with a screwdriver, maybe the pushbutton switch is faulty.

- Jan