Voltage booster

The Pololu item number: 799 looks like a nice voltage booster, and the voltage range is perfect for me, as well as the size, but there is a draw back to it…
I need basically, the exact size, shape, and voltage specs, but I need a higher load capacity.
That particular item, has a max load capacity of 2A, and I need one of at least 5A or more, just in the same size.
Does anybody know of a place I could get a setup like that, or a way I could easily (and I do mean EASILY) modify that setup, to handle that kind of load?
I would really appriciate the help.

I’m not sure that can be done. Larger currents need larger inductors and capacitors and switches (mosfets) which probably won’t fit that form factor.

Try looking for “dc dc converters” on distributor sites like digi-key.com or mouser.com to see what is commercially available. Note that those sites sell components to professionals and don’t have the support pololu.com has. You get the data sheet to download, and have to decipher it yourself.

Do you think it might be possible to simply stack the fets?

Just stacking the FETs is not enough, as you also need to stack the inductor, the diode, the capacitor, and the FET gate driver.

Most switching boost converters are not capable of being run in parallel, either; either they will oscillate, or one will end up doing all the work and burning out. You can build them to be parallelizable, but that requires special circuitry in each converter.

I went to digikey.com, typed in “dc dc converter” in the search box, and drilled down in the 5A-10A capacity range, and came up with this:
digikey.com/product-detail/e … ND/1827176

That’s the only thing I can find that’s ready-made, and can boost voltage up to 5A. Note that the 5A rating is likely the input rating, so there will be less than that out.

I suggest you either get a battery with higher voltage, or find a way to split the load so that you can use multiple independent smaller converters.