Vnh5019 dual driver

I am Krupalatha, I am using VNH5019 DUAL MOTOR DRIVER and ARDUINO UNO and i connected 24 v input and 24v dc wiper motors , I am able to run two motors in only in one direction i.e either forward or reverse. I want to run two motors at a time with one motor forward and one motor reverse please help me out from this problem am not able to run motors in different directions


If you disconnect the motors from the motor driver shield and instead use the motor indicator LEDs to see what the driver is doing, does anything about the behavior change? If the problem is still there with the motors disconnected, can you post your code? Please post the simplest complete program that you think should work but does not.

- Patrick

Hi Patrick,
driver is responding properly .but I am adding two 12v power supply and giving 24v input to the driver and 12 v SMPS rating is 12v/10amps. but i my motor rating is 24v/180wamotor.ino (275 Bytes) its power. I don’t know how much input I should feed to the driver, if I should use different driver means please suggest me and am uploading my code to.

Since you are getting the correct behavior from the board when your motors are disconnected, it seems like your problem is your choice of power supply and/or motors. To verify that is the case, you could test your driver with a single 12V supply and smaller motors.

We definitely do not recommend using the VNH5019 with a 24V nominal supply, especially not a battery or batteries in series. Even if you are using something like a lab power supply, powering the driver at 24V means you have no margin for noise. If you want to use 24V supply, we recommend our G2 High Power Motor Drivers, which are also available on dual driver Arduino shields like the VNH5019.

- Patrick

Thank you,we replaced VNH5019 by an another driver…

thank you for your support