VNH3SP30 - no out over 7V power supply

I’m working now with simple driver for Wild Thumer 4WD with VNH3SP30 (Motor Driver Carrier MD03A) and I have strange issue- everything works fine until I set supply over 6.8-7V then motors stops (current on meter is 0) and nothing happens. When voltage goes under 6.5 everything returns to normal. Please help me solving this problem.


I am sorry you are having trouble with your VNH3SP30 motor driver. Can you tell me more about your setup? Which gear ratio Wild Thumper are you using? How are you supplying power? What are you using to send signals to the VNH3SP30? Can you post pictures that show how you have everything connected?


thank you for the reply. Gear ratio is 75:1, power comes from regulated lab power supply (0-24V, 3.5A) or LiPo 2s 5000mAh, signals comes from Arduino DUE (with logic level shifter, PWM at 8kHz). Strange thing is that when I set pwm to 100% duty cycle everything is ok.

Can you check to make sure you are grounding your Arduino and the VNH3SP30 together? If you post pictures of your connections, I can check for you.

Do you have access to an oscilloscope? If so, can you post pictures of the PWM signals you are sending from your Arduino? Can you also post your code?

What level shifter are you using?


Problem was in grounding, stupid mistake.
Thank you Jonathan.