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VL6180X measure distance to top of water?

Has anyone used this sensor to measure distance to the top of water?

I’m wanting to measure the distance from the ‘ceiling’ where the sensor will be mounted, to the surface of drinking water, in a small tank. The tank walls are all matt black. There is limited visible light during the time this would be measuring.

The goal is to measure the depth of the water since we will know the total height of the tank from top to bottom.

The sensor in the top, aimed straight down to the very calm water surface below it. The total tank height is 12 inches. The max water level would be about 6" deep. I need to know when the water level drops to about 1". So the max distance needed to measure would be about 11".

Will there be enough reflectance in normal tap drinking water, in a black plastic container, to accurately reflect back the water level?



Since water is transparent, it is tricky to sense the surface of it well with these kind of reflectance based sensors. Your tank being matte black should help. This thread on ST’s forum talks a little more about it. Ultimately, you will probably have to get one and test it to be sure.