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Vl6180x is always busy



I bought Pololu VL6180X Time-of-Flight Distance Sensor module.

After sending “single shot reading mode” command (sending 0x01 to register 0x0018), I check “RESULT_INTERRUPT_STATUS_GPIO” register at 0x04F and always read 0x00 that means it is busy.
I replaced vl6180x with a new one but problem still continues.

I do not have any problem in reading/writing from/to vl6180x registers. Initial values are standard values given in application notes.

Anybody comments on this problem ?



What microcontroller and software are you using? If you wrote your own program, there is some initialization necessary before taking any measurements. Looking at the code for our VL6180X Arduino library might give you a good idea of how to do the initialization.



Hello Nathan,

Thanks for your reply.

I use Pic16f series in this project. All initial values are from ST application note. Furthermore read/write to/from VL6180x registers is OK. As I wrote previously I replaced Pololu module with a new one.

I will check SW against error once more and let you know the result.

thanks and best regards