VL53LIX I2C Address

I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the address of this time of flight sensor without having to use an I2C multiplexer? I also have a TCS34725 by adafruit and found out the both it and the time of flight have 0x29 for an address.


Yes, it is possible to change the I²C slave device address of the VL53L1X, and the process for doing so is similar to using multiple VL53L1X. This process is described in detail in ST’s application note AN4846, which you can find a link to under the Resources tab of the VL53L1X’s product page.

By the way, that initial command to change the address still needs to be sent to the original address (0x29) because it is not saved between resets. Please note that sending that command on the same I²C bus as your color sensor might cause unexpected behavior, since it doesn’t look like there’s a way that you can disable the TCS34725, but at least it will limit it to one I²C transaction instead of all of them.