VL53L3CX sensor with micropython

I have been aching my brain for the last couple of days. I can’t figure out how to use the VL53L3CX ToF sensor with micropython. The actual datasheet doesn’t include much for how to use its i2c. There is a stm32 cube API for it but I really haven’t a clue about that in micropython. I cant remember where but a place also said that polulu made their own driver I don’t know much about that. That is about as much as I have figured out.

Ps: I am using a pi pico.


We do not have a MicroPython library for the VL53L3CX, and I do not have a specific recommendation for one.

It sounds like you might have tried looking at an ST software expansion specifically intended for the STM32Cube (X-CUBE-TOF1), but if you want to develop your own code, a better starting point would probably be the VL53L3CX API (STSW-IMG015).

- Patrick

I will look into it. I was curious if it would work so I tried using a micropython library for the VL53L1CX sensor and it does get distance values so it seems like it works.

We found a discussion about that approach on the ST forum. It sounds like they expect very basic functionality to work, but you might get worse accuracy and you will not be able to access the VL53L3CX sensor’s multi-target capability.

- Patrick