VL53L1X SPAD values

There is this LIDAR project I’m working on which I need to access the individual SPAD values of the VL53L1X sensor.
I came across with a function in the api_calibration class called " VL53L1_run_spad_rate_map" .
My question is what quantity does the “SPAD rate” indicate? Also, one of the arguments for that function is ssc_config_timeout_us which I’m not sure what value I should pick for it.
Also, if there are any registers that have the individual SPAD values I’d want to know how to access them.

Hello, Adrik.

Unfortunately, we do not have any particular insight into that; all of the information we have about the IC is in ST’s documentation and API. You might try posting to ST’s forums with this same question.


Thank you so much! I’ll post there as well!