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VL53L1X failed to detect

The continuous example is giving the error “Failed to detect and initialize sensor!”.
We have connected the pins
VCC - 5v


That sensor module is not a product we make or carry, so we cannot offer much troubleshooting assistance for it. One thing you might look at is whether it can really operate at 5V. The absolute maximum logic voltage for the VL53L1X is 3.6 V, so unless there is a regulator and level shifters on the part of the board not visible in your pictures, you probably broke the sensor when you connected it to your Arduino like that.

We make our own VL53L1X sensor carrier that includes a regulator and level shifters that let it interface directly with 5V systems, so you might find that is a better fit for your project if you continue to have trouble with your existing unit.


i was facing same issue.
“Failed to detect and initialize sensor!" is because of the supply voltage.
because VL53L1X/VL53L0x operate at 2.85 voltage, even they have regulator, but most of MCU working range is 1.8V to 5.5V, if power supply has slow rising time (have capacitors at output) MCU will send command to sensor but sensore still not activated.
solution is just wait untill power supply get stable, need small modifecation in code

you can follow this video how to modify code to solve this issue.