VL53L1X calibration offset

Hello, I am working on the VL53L1X sensor and I have programmed the ROI as 4x4. The device measurement I have noticed are not very accurate , so i decided to add an offset value to it. I saw the functions GetOffsetInMm, CalibrateOffset, SetOffset , but am not sure after which part to add it in programming or the order of these functions itself.
1.Does these functions work when continuous data is coming in or should I let it calculate for a short period of time and then let it decide the offset so I can take note of it and use it later.
2. I noticed that the error increases with distance, should I add different offset for different distance.
3. I have a sensor sending in measurement at 100ms and displaying in the serial monitor, do I apply the functions after reading the measurement or before
4.If I get the offset value should I have to add it to the measured value every time I display it in the serial monitor or does it perform the calculations for every measurement.

Thank you so much in advance.
Good day

Since it sounds like you are using one of the ST APIs, it would probably be better for you to ask on the ST community site. However, in our experience, you generally do not need to calibrate the sensors to get decent results. How far off are the measurements you are getting?


Thank you. The results are a bit far off and it is very fluctuating. I wanted to set an offset value for particular ROI. I think we have to set conditions and program the offset value for each RoI under various distances.
Thanks again