VL53L1X as a digital sensor

Hi, I bought 3 VL53L1X ToF, to use them as “gate sensors”, in a project of an automatic timewatch for sport ( 3 gates to measure 2 split times).
I started to interface the sensor with an Arduino microcontroller, usin I2C (everything ok), but now I’d like to use the VL53L1X as a “digital sensor”, having high level on interrupt (GPIO) pin when the measured distance is between a certain range (eg: 1.7 - 2.3 m), low level if the distance is outside the same range, and directly connect this digital output pin with a pin on a X-bee radio tranceiver.
Can you help me? How can I enable (if it’s possible) the GPIO pin and control the distance range?

Thank you, regards

Hello, Fabrizio.

In general, it seems like it should be possible to set up the GPIO pin on the VL53L1X to change state when it senses an object at a certain distance range like 1.7 to 2.3 m. You will still need an I2C connection to the boards to configure the appropriate registers for that; the settings for the sensor return to defaults when power is reset.

We do not have any specific code for using the sensor like that, but you might look at ST’s datasheet and API User Manualfor more information about how that might work. You can find links to more ST resources like that on the “Resources” tab of our product page for the board.