VL53L1X array

Dear Sir,

I have a particular and unique project in mind and was wondering if it might be feasible to use the VL53L1X sensor.

I would like to connect (side by side) an array of VL53L1X (about nine) in a row, and have it track a sphere as it moves from right to left (single swipe?).

Is it possible to obtain the x-coordinate (in millimeters), and distance away from sensor simultaneously?

Is there any code available which shows how to link all (nine) VL53L1X sensors (capture data) together?

Thank you for your time and effort.



We do not know of any example projects or code that uses those sensors in an application like that, but the sensor’s manufacturer (ST) has a demonstration for using the similar VL53L0x sensors for performing gesture detection which they talk about in this user manual. In general, the VL53L1x has a selectable field of vision feature that seems like it might offer some improved performance for that type of application (though we do not have much experience with that feature ourselves). You might look more at ST’s resources for the VL53L0x and VL53L1x sensors as a starting point.