VL53L0X using LabVIEW

Hey guys, currently I am working with VL53LOX time-of-flight sensor along with LabVIEW.
As I don’t have any list of command for VL53LOX, I cannot figure it out how to do in LabVIEW.
I have connected the VL53LOX to my Arduino and I am using LINX to do the I2C communication in LabVIEW.
If anyone have any sample VI file or any instruction to do it, it will be very helpful for me.


We do not have any code for LabVIEW for controlling the VL53L0X time-of-flight distance sensor. From your setup description, it sounds like you are using an Arduino to control the VL53L0X sensor and might be having trouble understanding how to communicate with your Arduino from LabVIEW. If that is the case, we do not use LabVIEW here, so you should consider posting your question(s) to the LabVIEW Community on National Instruments website.

- Amanda